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Statistics can be a challenge for many students, but with our individual one-to-one tutoring, this subject becomes understandable and manageable. Our experienced tutors specialize in explaining complex statistical concepts in an understandable way and helping students to improve their skills in this area. Whether it’s probability, hypothesis testing or regression – we help students to reduce their uncertainties and improve their performance in statistics.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Statistics tutoring in the middle school

In secondary schools, statistical thinking is an essential skill that prepares students for their academic and professional future. Our statistics tutoring for middle school and high school students offers a sound introduction to statistical concepts and their practical application. With targeted exercises, individual support and practical examples, we help you to understand and confidently apply statistical methods. Our experienced and dedicated tutors will help you to reach your full potential and deal confidently with statistical challenges, whether in the classroom or beyond.

Topic overview

  • In-depth study of statistical methods such as mean, median, mode and dispersion.
  • Analysis of frequency distributions and creation of histograms.
  • Introduction to probability theory and first applications in statistics.
  • Interpretation of statistical data and their application in different contexts.

Statistics tutoring in the upper school

At vocational school, statistical knowledge is an important building block for a successful career in many industries. Our statistics tutoring for vocational students is aimed specifically at the needs of future professionals who want to improve their statistical skills. With practice-oriented examples, real-life case studies and an individual learning approach, we support students in interpreting and analyzing statistical data and using it for business decisions. Our qualified and dedicated tutors are on hand to advise and support students to ensure they master the basics of statistics and succeed in their careers.

Topic overview

  • Advanced statistical methods such as correlation, regression and hypothesis testing.
  • In-depth analysis of probability distributions and their application in statistics.
  • Application of statistical software programs for data analysis and visualization.
  • Critical evaluation of statistical studies and research results.

Statistics tutoring during your studies

Statistics is more than just a subject to study – it is an important skill that is in demand in many professional fields. Our statistics tutoring helps students to improve their statistical skills and prepare for the challenges of their studies and professional life. With a comprehensive curriculum, practice-oriented exercises and individual support from our qualified tutors, students are enabled to analyze complex data, develop statistical models and make well-founded decisions.

Topic overview

  • Advanced topics such as multivariate analysis methods, time series analysis and experimental design.
  • In-depth study of specialized statistical models and methods depending on the field of study (e.g. biostatistics, econometrics).
  • Practical application of statistics in research projects and internships.
  • Development of statistical models for prediction and decision-making in complex situations.

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