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Prepare yourself for a world of possibilities by learning to understand and apply physics! Our online tutoring focuses not only on theoretical knowledge, but also on practical applications that will help you better understand the world around you. From applying laws of physics in everyday situations to preparing you for professional challenges, we provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Physics tutoring in middle school

For middle school students, we offer an in-depth introduction to the world of physics, taking them on an exciting journey through the fundamental concepts and principles of science. Our tutors provide students with a deeper understanding of topics such as electricity, magnetism, light and sound by explaining complex concepts simply and demonstrating practical applications. Through interactive experiments and illustrative examples, we help students to consolidate their understanding of physics and build their confidence in this challenging subject.

Topic overview

  • Electricity and magnetism: basics of electrical circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism and their applications in everyday life.
  • Introduction to mechanics: In-depth study of mechanics with a focus on speed, acceleration, Newton’s laws and forces.
  • Thermodynamics: Introduction to thermodynamic concepts such as temperature, heat transfer and thermal expansion.

Physics tutoring in the upper school

In the sixth form, we delve deeper into the world of physics and help students gain a firm grasp of complex topics such as mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics and quantum physics. Our experienced tutors support students in solving challenging problems, applying scientific principles and sharpening their analytical skills. With our challenging curriculum and individual coaching, students are optimally prepared for their exams and their academic future.

Topic overview

  • Wave theory: In-depth study of wave phenomena such as sound, light and electromagnetic waves.
  • Quantum physics and atomic structure: fundamentals of quantum physics, atomic models, nuclear physics and radioactive decay.
  • Special relativity: Introduction to the basic concepts of special relativity, including time dilation, length contraction and energy-mass equivalence.

Physics tutoring during your studies

For students, we offer a challenging program to deepen their understanding and skills in physics at university level. Our experienced tutors teach students advanced concepts and theories of physics, support them in solving complex problems and prepare them for challenging exams and research projects. With our hands-on approach and individual mentoring, we help students develop their full potential as budding physicists and prepare for a successful career in science.

Topic overview

  • Classical mechanics: In-depth study of classical mechanics with emphasis on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism, as well as motion in curved spacetimes.
  • Electrodynamics: Advanced treatment of electromagnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations, electrodynamics in matter and electromagnetic waves.
  • Quantum mechanics: In-depth study of quantum mechanics, including Schrödinger equation, quantization and quantum mechanical properties of particles.

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