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In a time characterized by a steady flow of information, technological progress and social changes, the importance of sound pedagogical training and a deeper understanding of education is becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, our pedagogy tutoring offers not only a way to overcome academic challenges, but also a unique opportunity to explore and internalize the fundamental concepts of pedagogy.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Pedagogy tutoring in the upper school

In online pedagogy classes for high school, various topics can be covered that aim to deepen students’ pedagogical understanding and support them in their academic and personal development. A qualified tutor can focus on the following:

By engaging with these topics in online pedagogy classes, high school students can not only deepen their understanding of complex pedagogical concepts, but also strengthen their critical thinking skills and prepare for their academic and professional future.

Topic overview

  • Pedagogical Basics: Introduction to basic pedagogical concepts and theories such as upbringing, education, socialization, learning, and development.
  • Developmental psychology: study of the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of children and adolescents and the influence of these developmental factors on the process of education and upbringing.
  • Pedagogical Currents and Theories: Analysis of various pedagogical currents and theories such as behaviorism, constructivism, humanism, critical pedagogy, and systems theory to develop a broad understanding of the diversity of pedagogical approaches.
  • School Organization and Educational Policy: Investigation of the structures and organization of the education system as well as the educational policy framework at national and international level.
  • Teaching-learning processes: In-depth examination of the processes of teaching and learning, including different teaching and learning methods, learning motivation, learning strategies and techniques.

Pedagogy tutoring during your studies

The study of pedagogy covers a wide range of topics aimed at preparing prospective educators for their future professional activities and providing a sound understanding of pedagogical concepts and theories. By addressing these topics in online pedagogy classes, students can not only deepen their theoretical knowledge, but also develop practical skills and competencies that will prepare them for their future professional career as educators.

Topic overview

  • Fundamentals of Pedagogy: Introduction to the central concepts and theories of pedagogy, including upbringing, education, socialization, learning, development, and didactics.
  • Developmental Psychology: Study of the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of children and adolescents and their significance for educational practice.
  • Pedagogical Theories and Currents: In-depth examination of different pedagogical approaches and currents such as behaviorism, constructivism, humanism, critical pedagogy and systems theory.
  • Education Systems and Educational Policy: Analysis of the structures, organization and functions of education systems as well as the influence of educational policy decisions and reforms on pedagogical practice.
  • Didactics and methodology: Development of teaching and learning concepts, methods and materials, taking into account the needs and prerequisites of the learners as well as the teaching of subject-specific content and interdisciplinary skills.
  • School pedagogy: Dealing with topics such as school organization, class management, teacher-student relations, lesson design and evaluation.
  • Social Pedagogy and Special Education: Introduction to the basics of social pedagogy and special education as well as working with special target groups such as people with disabilities, socially disadvantaged young people or migrants.
  • Occupational and practical fields: Information about possible professional and activity fields in the pedagogical field as well as practical insights into pedagogical fields of work and occupational fields such as school, kindergarten, youth welfare, adult education, counselling or educational management.

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