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Whether civil law, criminal law, administrative law or international law – our tutors offer tailor-made support for every area of law. From analyzing case studies to preparing for oral exams, we have the right program to strengthen your legal skills and achieve your academic goals.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Law tutoring in the intermediate level

In middle school, pupils begin to understand more complex legal contexts. Our experienced tutors offer practice-oriented law tutoring that relates to current social issues and helps students apply legal principles to their everyday lives. We promote critical thinking and legal understanding in order to optimally prepare students for their further education.

Topic overview

  • Basics of civil law: An in-depth introduction to the basics of civil law, including contract law and tort law, can give students an understanding of their legal rights and obligations.
  • Introduction to Criminal Law: Classes may focus on an introduction to criminal law, including the definition of crimes and punishments and the distinction between civil and criminal law.
  • Researching and analyzing legal sources: Students can learn how to read legal documents, research legal sources, and analyze legal reasoning.
  • Fundamentals of public law: An introduction to the fundamentals of public law, including constitutional law and administrative law, can provide students with an understanding of how government institutions function.
  • Discussion of actual legal cases: Classes may include discussion of actual legal cases to give students insight into how the law is applied in the real world.

Law tutoring in the upper school

The upper school is a crucial phase for prospective lawyers. Our specialized law tutoring for high school students offers targeted support for high school graduates in law and jurisprudence. Our tutors help students to prepare for the requirements of the Abitur and deepen their understanding of complex legal issues. We attach great importance to individual support and help students on their way to a successful degree.

Topic overview

  • In-depth study of civil law: Students can deal with more complex topics of civil law, such as contract negotiations, liability and breach of contract.
  • Advanced topics in criminal law: Classes may focus on advanced topics in criminal law, such as criminal liability, criminal defense and criminal procedure.
  • In-depth study of public law: An in-depth examination of various areas of public law, such as constitutional law, administrative law and European law, can provide students with a deeper understanding of the functioning of state institutions and the relationship between the state and its citizens.
  • Legal Writing and Argumentation: Students can learn how to write legal documents, develop legal arguments and conduct legal analysis.
  • Case studies and case law: Lessons may include the analysis of case studies and case law to provide students with an understanding of the application of the law in different contexts.

Law tutoring during your studies

Studying law places high demands on students and requires a deep understanding of legal concepts. Our expert tutoring for prospective law students offers individual support in various areas of law. From preparing for exams to delving into specific areas of law, our experienced tutors are on hand to help students achieve academic success and reach their professional goals.

Topic overview

  • Specialization in areas of law: Students can specialize in certain areas of law, such as commercial law, employment law, family law or international law.
  • Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory: Classes may address issues of legal philosophy and legal theory to provide students with a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of law.
  • Legal Practice and Advocacy: Students can focus on the practical application of law, including advocacy, litigation, contract negotiation and legal counseling.
  • Legal ethics and professional ethics: Dealing with questions of legal ethics and professional ethics can help students to recognize and deal with ethical issues in the legal profession.
  • Internships and career preparation: Teaching can include preparing students for starting a career through internships, career-oriented seminars and career counseling.

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