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Welcome to our story tutoring! Our qualified tutors are ready to help you explore the fascinating world of the past and better understand historical events, people and developments. History can sometimes be complex and confusing, but with our tutoring, everything becomes clearer. Our experienced tutors will help you understand important historical contexts and improve your skills in analyzing sources and events.

Our history tutoring is suitable for students of all ages and school types. Whether you’re struggling to understand historical contexts or just want to improve, we’re here to help.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

History Tutoring in Elementary School

Primary school children can be introduced to the world of history in a playful way by learning about important events such as antiquity, the Middle Ages or modern times. The children can learn about historical figures from tutors and understand their significance in history.

The history of their city or region can be fascinating for elementary school students. Tutors can cover local history topics such as historical buildings, events, or local customs.

Topic overview

  • Discovery of the past: Antiquity, the Middle Ages, modern times.
  • Eminent historical figures.
  • Local History: History of one’s own city or region, significant local historical events, local sights and monuments.
  • Cultural aspects of past eras: Art and architecture of different eras, literature and music from past centuries, traditions and customs in different cultures and times.
  • Discovery of one’s own family history: Researching one’s own family history and origins, significant events or people in the family history, traditions and stories within the family.

Middle School History Tutoring

History provides a basic understanding of the past, which in turn helps to better understand the present and the future. Through tutoring, students can gain a sound foundation in historical events, developments and contexts.

Middle school history tutoring helps students deepen history education, develop the important skills, and improve understanding of the world around us.

Topic overview

  • Development of political systems: absolutism and monarchy, democratic revolutions and constitutions, emergence of nation-states and imperialism.
  • Cultural and Social Developments: Art and Architecture in Different Eras.
  • History of Human Rights and Democratic Movements: Emergence of Human Rights, Civil Rights Movements and Fight against Discrimination.
  • Regional and local history: Historical events and personalities in your own region, significant battles, cities and monuments.
  • Historical Methods and Source Criticism: Examination of primary and secondary sources, evaluation of historical evidence, and interpretation of history.

History Tutoring in High School

History tutoring in high school is crucial as it helps students develop a deeper understanding of the past and improve their academic skills. At this stage of their education, students are exposed to complex historical topics and concepts that require an in-depth understanding. The support of qualified tutors allows students to overcome these challenges and improve their performance in history.

Through history tutoring, students can learn to critically analyze historical events, look at different perspectives, and understand complex relationships. This not only promotes their intellectual development, but also helps them develop into informed and reflective citizens who recognize the importance of history for the present and the future.

Topic overview

  • World History: World Wars and Their Effects, Globalization and International Relations, Colonialism and Decolonization.
  • European History: Renaissance and Enlightenment, Industrialization and Social Movements, Emergence of the EU and European Integration.
  • Political history: the rise and fall of empires and empires, democratic movements and authoritarian regimes, developments of political ideologies.
  • Cultural and Social History: Cultural developments and their effects.
  • Historical Methods and Source Criticism: Analysis of primary and secondary sources, interpretation of historical events and debates.

History tutoring during your studies

We offer individual tutoring sessions to specifically address the needs of each student. Through personalized attention, you can ensure that each student receives the help they need to overcome their specific challenges.

We prepare students for exams such as exams, high school diplomas, or other final exams by helping them develop effective learning strategies, understand relevant content, and prepare for exam situations.

Topic overview

  • Historical Methods and Source Criticism: Investigation of various methods of historical research, analysis of primary and secondary sources, evaluation of historical evidence and interpretation of history.
  • In-depth studies on specific eras or themes: political, social, economic or cultural developments in specific regions or countries, global events and their impact on world history.
  • Social and Cultural History: Cultural developments and their impact on society, social movements, and societal changes throughout history.
  • Economic and technical history: Economic developments and trade networks, technological innovations and their impact on society.
  • Comparative Studies and Historical Debates: Comparative studies on different eras, regions or themes, study of historical debates.

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