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Our German tutoring offers individual support for students of all ages and levels. Our team of highly qualified tutors specialise in helping students improve their German language skills, be it grammar, spelling, reading comprehension or writing skills. Whether your child is struggling to keep up with the school material or is looking for additional challenges, our bespoke tutoring adapts to each student’s individual needs.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

German tutoring in primary school

In primary school, we attach particular importance to children learning the basics of the German language in a playful and enjoyable way. Our experienced tutors use interactive methods and games to encourage reading, writing and speaking. We create a supportive environment where children feel comfortable and enjoy learning.

Topic overview

  • Reading promotion: Intensive reading training, reading exercises and reading comprehension strategies to improve reading.
  • Spelling and grammar: Teaching basic spelling rules, spelling correction exercises and introduction to grammar.
  • Creative Writing: Encourage creative writing skills through stories, poems, or short essays.
  • Oral communication: Strengthening oral communication skills through discussions, role-plays, and presentations.

German tutoring in middle school

In German tutoring for middle school students, we focus on providing students with the skills needed to successfully navigate this important stage of their school career. Our experienced tutors support students in deepening their grammar and spelling skills, improving their reading skills and refining their expressiveness. We provide one-on-one support and targeted exercises to help students feel more confident and achieve better grades.

Topic overview

  • Deepening of grammar: Advanced grammar topics such as sentence structures, tenses, and clauses.
  • Literature Analysis: Analysis of literary texts, interpretation of poems and short stories, as well as insights into literary styles and eras.
  • Writing Skills: Develop writing skills for longer texts such as essays, interpretations, and summaries.
  • Discussion and argumentation: Discussions on complex topics, discussions, and arguments to improve linguistic expression.

German tutoring in the upper school

Keeping an eye on things in high school!

High school can be a challenging time, but with our German tutoring, students keep an overview. We offer targeted support in the analysis and interpretation of literary texts, the development of argumentation skills and preparation for exams and exams. Our dedicated tutors help students prepare for their final exams and achieve their goals, while fostering a deep love of the German language and literature.

Topic overview

  • Exam Preparation: Targeted preparation for written and oral exams such as Abitur, written exams and language exams.
  • Literary history: In-depth examination of literary works, authors and periods of literary history.
  • Linguistic subtleties: Refinement of language skills through the treatment of stylistic devices, rhetorical figures and linguistic nuances.
  • Text Analysis and Interpretation: Analysis of complex texts, interpretation of dramas and novels as well as critical reflection on literary works.

German tutoring during your studies

In German tutoring for students, we support prospective academics in perfecting their language skills and successfully asserting themselves in their studies. We offer tailor-made support for academic writing, text interpretation, and preparation for presentations and exams. Our experienced and dedicated tutors are experts in their own field and help students to develop both professionally and linguistically.

Topic overview

  • Academic Writing: Development of scientific writing style, preparation of essays, term papers and scientific papers.
  • Linguistics and Stylistics: In-depth knowledge of language structures, semantics, pragmatics and stylistic devices.
  • Intercultural Communication: Investigation of cultural differences in language and communication as well as raising awareness of intercultural aspects.
  • Literary Theory and Criticism: Advanced literary theory, critical analysis of literary works and discussion of current literary debates.

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