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Tutoring in Electrical Engineering

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As an aspiring engineer, a sound knowledge of electrical engineering is crucial for your professional future. Our highly qualified tutors are on hand to help you master this complex subject and achieve your academic goals.

Electrical engineering is not only theoretical, but also has numerous practical applications in the real world. Our tutors will not only teach you the theoretical basics, but also show you how to apply them in practice.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Electrical Engineering Tutoring in Middle School

In middle school, we build on the fundamentals of electricity and delve deeper into the world of electronics. Our teachers provide students with an understanding of electrical circuits and components and show them how to build simple electronic devices themselves. An exciting way to discover electronics!

Our intermediate level electrical engineering tutoring not only focuses on theoretical knowledge, but also offers practical applications. Students will learn how electrical appliances work and how to repair or modify them. This not only gives them a deeper understanding of electrical engineering, but also practical skills for life!

Topic overview

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering: Introduction to basic concepts such as current, voltage, resistance, and power.
  • Series connection and parallel connection: Understanding of simple electrical circuits, their analysis and practical application.
  • Electronic components: Learn about basic electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes, as well as their functions and applications.
  • Introduction to DC Technology: Deepening of the basics of DC technology and its practical application.

Electrical Engineering Tutoring in High School

In the upper school, we prepare students specifically for demanding electrical engineering tasks. Our teachers teach advanced concepts such as complex circuits, AC analysis, and electromagnetism in an understandable and practical way. In this way, the students are optimally equipped for their further academic and professional challenges!

We provide individual support for high school students to ensure they reach their full potential. Our teachers focus on the needs of each student and help them achieve their individual learning goals. Whether it’s preparing for exams or deepening specific topics – we are there for our students!

Topic overview

  • AC technology: In-depth knowledge of alternating current, phase shift, inductance and capacitance.
  • Electrical Circuits and Networks: Analysis and design of complex electrical circuits, including RLC circuits and filter circuits.
  • Digital Electronics: Introduction to digital circuits, logic gates, flip-flops and their applications in technology.
  • Power: Basics of power electronics, such as switching regulators, converters and their control.

Electrical Engineering Tutoring during your studies

During their studies, students can expect an in-depth understanding and application of electronic principles and technologies. Our electrical engineering tutoring for studies provides academic support for students who want to expand and deepen their electrical engineering knowledge. Our tutors specialize in topics such as electromagnetism, signal processing, and control engineering, helping students solve complex problems and successfully prepare for exams.

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