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Welcome to our educational tutoring, which addresses the individual learning needs of each student and promotes a holistic understanding of pedagogical concepts. Our experienced tutors are ready to help students of all ages and levels grow in education, upbringing and learning.

Our educational tutoring provides tailored support to help students optimize their learning and achieve their academic goals. We believe that a sound knowledge of educational principles and methods is crucial for personal and academic success.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Educational Science Tutoring in Middle School

In middle school, students face new challenges and more complex educational issues. Our educational tutoring is designed to support young learners at this crucial stage of their educational journey. With an emphasis on critical thinking, social development, and academic empowerment, we provide comprehensive support to help students reach their full potential.

Topic overview

  • Learning Theories and Models: Deepening the understanding of different learning theories and models and their application to pedagogical practice.
  • Lesson planning and design: Develop lesson plans that cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of middle school students.
  • Inclusive Education: Discuss strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the classroom and support students with special needs.

Educational Sciences – Tutoring in the Upper School

As aspiring educators in high school, students prepare for a variety of professional and academic challenges. Our educational tutoring is aimed at these ambitious learners and offers targeted preparation for future study and career paths in the field of education. Our experienced tutors share their expertise and hands-on experience to inspire and support aspiring educators.

Topic overview

  • Education policy and school systems: Analysis of educational policies, systems and reforms at the national and international levels and their impact on pedagogical practice.
  • School Development and Leadership: Investigation of topics such as school development, management and governance and their importance for the improvement of educational institutions.
  • Research Methods in Educational Science: Introduction to various research methods and techniques as well as their application in educational research and practice.

Educational sciences tutoring during your studies

As a student of education, you will be faced with complex theoretical concepts and practical applications. Our educational tutoring offers targeted support to help you excel in this challenging field of study. From deepening theoretical knowledge to practical application in fieldwork, we provide tailored support to fuel your academic success.

Topic overview

  • Theoretical Foundations of Educational Science: In-depth analysis of theoretical approaches and concepts in educational science as well as their significance for pedagogical practice.
  • Professional Ethics and Standards: Discussion of ethical issues and professional standards in education, as well as the role of educational scientists as ethical practitioners.
  • Current topics and trends in educational science: Investigation of current topics and trends in educational science, such as digital learning, intercultural education and lifelong learning.

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