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Welcome to biology tutoring! Here at MyOnlineTutor, we offer highly qualified tutors to help you unravel the mysteries of biology. Whether you are preparing for upcoming exams or simply want to improve your understanding, our experts are here for you.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Biology – tutoring in elementary school

In elementary school, we lay the foundations for an understanding of science. Our biology tutors are specially trained to get young students excited about the beauty and diversity of nature. From exciting experiments to interactive games – we turn biology into an unforgettable adventure!

Topic overview

  • Introduction to natural sciences: Basic concepts such as the life cycle of plants and animals, differentiation between living and inanimate nature.
  • Introduction to human anatomy: basic body parts, organs and their functions, health and hygiene.
  • Ecosystems and environmental awareness: introduction to different habitats and their inhabitants, importance of environmental protection.

Biology – tutoring in middle school

In middle school, biology often gets more complex, but don’t worry, our experienced teachers are here to help! We use clear examples and illustrative materials to make difficult concepts such as cell biology and evolution understandable. With our support, you will not only get better grades, but also develop a deeper understanding of science.

Topic overview

  • Cell biology: structure and function of cells, cell division, heredity and genetics.
  • Evolution and heredity: basics of the theory of evolution, inheritance of traits, adaptations to the environment.
  • Ecology and environmental protection: food webs, energy flow in ecosystems, environmental problems and their solutions.

Biology – tutoring in the upper school

The upper school can be a challenge, but with our biology tutoring you are not alone! Our teachers are experts in their field and offer individual support in topics such as molecular biology and ecology. We help you to understand complex contexts and prepare for exams so that you can achieve your goals.

Topic overview

  • Molecular biology: DNA structure and replication, gene expression, genetic engineering.
  • Ecology and sustainability: global ecosystems, climate change, sustainable development.
  • Human biology: anatomy and physiology of the human body, reproduction and development, disease prevention and treatment

Biology – Tutoring during your studies

Biology often becomes more in-depth and demanding during your studies. However, our tutors are specialized in explaining even complex topics in an understandable way. Whether you are focusing on genomics, environmental science or medicine, we offer tailored support to deepen your knowledge and achieve your academic goals.

Topic overview

  • Advanced topics in molecular biology: genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics.
  • Specialized ecology and environmental sciences: Biodiversity, ecosystem dynamics, environmental management.
  • Human medicine and health sciences: pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical research methods.

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