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Why art tutoring with MyOnlineTutor? Art is a multi-faceted discipline that encourages creativity, expression and critical thinking. Our art tutoring at MyOnlineTutor offers students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and deepen their understanding of different art forms. Through individualized curricula and the use of innovative teaching methods, we help students to develop their artistic potential and progress confidently in their creative work. Our qualified art teachers not only bring in-depth subject knowledge, but also inspire students to find their own artistic voices and present their work with passion and confidence.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Art tutoring in elementary school

Topic overview

  • The basics of color theory: an understanding of basic colors, mixed colors and their significance in art.
  • Introduction to various art media: drawing, painting, collages and simple printing techniques.
  • Creative forms of expression: Encouraging imagination and artistic expression through simple projects and exercises.
  • Exploration of art history: introduction to famous artists and works of art to deepen understanding of art.
  • Nature and still life drawings: Exercises in observing and depicting natural objects and still lifes.

Art tutoring in the middle school

Our online art tutoring for middle school students offers an exciting opportunity to take artistic skills to the next level! From exploring drawing and painting techniques to exploring different art styles, we offer a diverse and engaging curriculum that supports students’ individual interests and talents. With our support, pupils can expand their artistic skills and strengthen their self-confidence in their ability to express themselves creatively.

Topic overview

  • In-depth study of color theory: Advanced understanding of color contrasts, color psychology and color harmony.
  • Techniques of perspective: Introduction to basic perspectives and their application in drawing.
  • Experimenting with different art styles: Introduction to different art movements such as realism, impressionism, abstraction, etc.
  • Introduction to digital art: basics of digital image processing and illustration.
  • Analysis of artworks: examination and discussion of well-known artworks and artists to promote critical thinking and knowledge of art history.

Art tutoring in the upper school

We focus on the individual success of each student and pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and high quality learning environment tailored to the needs of our students.

Topic overview

  • Deepening in advanced drawing and painting techniques: Learning methods such as shading, perspective, composition and abstraction.
  • Choice of theme and artistic concept: guidance on developing your own artistic ideas and projects.
  • Art theory and criticism: discussion of current art themes, art theory and critical analysis of works of art.
  • Portfolio preparation: Help with compiling an artistic portfolio for applications to art schools or for degree programs in the arts.
  • Advanced digital art: In-depth study of advanced digital art techniques and software applications.

Art tutoring during your studies

Topic overview

  • Specialization in a specific art medium or style: specialization in painting, sculpture, photography, digital art or other areas.
  • Research and concept development: Guidance on the development of artistic concepts and the implementation of research projects in the artistic field.
  • Critical Theory and Art History: Advanced discussions of art theory, critical analysis of artworks and in-depth study of specific art movements and periods.
  • Practical career advice: support in planning a career in the arts, including opportunities for exhibitions, residencies and artistic collaborations.
  • Experimental art practices: exploration and encouragement to develop your own experimental art practices and concepts.

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