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Welcome to Arabic tutoring! Here at MyOnlineTutor, we offer highly qualified and dedicated tutors to help you discover the Arabic language and culture. Whether you want to prepare for upcoming exams, improve your communication skills or simply deepen your love of Arabic, our experts are here to help.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Arabic tutoring for native speakers of primary school age

Learning Arabic as a child offers a number of benefits and can be an enriching experience for your child. Learning a new language such as Arabic promotes your child’s cognitive development in many ways. It sharpens the brain and improves memory, attention, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. In addition, learning a non-Latin script, such as Arabic script, contributes to the development of visual perception and fine motor skills.

Topic overview

  • Basics of the Arabic language: introduction to the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and basic writing exercises.
  • Everyday vocabulary: Learning simple Arabic words and phrases for everyday use, e.g. greetings, numbers, colors and animals.

Arabic tutoring at intermediate level

In middle school, doors open to new cultural horizons. Our experienced teachers help students to master the basics of Arabic grammar and conversation while promoting their understanding of Arabic culture and tradition. Interactive learning methods and multimedia materials are used to make lessons lively and exciting in order to arouse and maintain pupils’ interest.

Topic overview

  • Advanced grammar: Advanced topics such as sentence structure, verb conjugation and the use of pronouns.
  • Reading comprehension and text analysis: Reading and understanding simple Arabic texts, stories and short articles.

Arabic tutoring in the upper school

In the upper school, we go beyond the basics and deepen our understanding of the Arabic language and culture. Our experienced and dedicated teachers help students to hone their communication skills and express themselves confidently in Arabic. We also offer insights into current events in the Arabic-speaking world and promote intercultural understanding to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected world.

Topic overview

  • Conversation and communication: Improvement of oral communication skills through conversation exercises and discussions on various topics.
  • Advanced vocabulary and writing skills: Learning advanced vocabulary and writing techniques for writing essays and reports in Arabic.

Arabic tutoring during your studies

Studying is about preparing for the future. Our Arabic tutoring not only offers the opportunity to learn a new language, but also the chance to broaden your career prospects. With a sound understanding of the Arabic language and culture, doors are open to a wide range of career opportunities in areas such as diplomacy, business, education and development. Let us help you achieve your goals and increase your professional success!

Topic overview

  • Literature and culture: Introduction to Arabic literature and cultural history through the reading and analysis of literary works, poems and historical texts.
  • Subject-specific knowledge of Arabic: In-depth knowledge of Arabic in specific subject areas such as business, politics, medicine or law for professional applications.

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