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Welcome to Ancient Greek Tutoring! Here at MyOnlineTutor, we offer highly qualified and dedicated tutors to help you discover the fascinating world of the ancient Greek language. Whether you’re preparing for upcoming exams, looking to improve your translation skills, or just want to deepen your love of Ancient Greek, our experts are here to help.

Ancient Greek is not only a language, but also a window into the rich culture and history of ancient Greece. In our Ancient Greek lessons, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the basics and advanced concepts of this fascinating language. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the Greek alphabet, grammar and syntax, and help you understand and interpret ancient Greek texts.

Our Ancient Greek tutors are masters at using different teaching methods to meet the needs of each student. Whether you’re a visual learner who benefits from descriptive materials and graphics, or an auditory learner who learns through discussion and listening exercises, we tailor our lessons accordingly. In addition, we also offer customized learning plans tailored to each student’s individual goals and abilities. Our teachers take the time to get to know each student, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a curriculum that meets their needs.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Ancient Greek tutoring for children of primary school age

Offering Ancient Greek tutoring for primary school children may seem unusual at first, but it offers a number of benefits and opportunities for your child’s development. Learning an ancient language such as Ancient Greek can help develop your child’s linguistic competence in a variety of ways. By exposing themselves to a different grammatical structure and vocabulary, your child can deepen their understanding of language and communication while improving their reading, writing, and analysis skills.

Topic overview

  • Introduction to the Greek alphabet: The basics of the Greek alphabet are taught in a playful way to give students a first insight into the ancient language.
  • Greek Mythology: Simple stories and fables from Greek mythology are presented in a child-friendly way to arouse students’ interest and promote their understanding of the cultural background.

Ancient Greek Tutoring in Middle School

In the intermediate level, we deepen our understanding of grammar, vocabulary and translation techniques. Our experienced teachers take the time to support each student individually and provide them with the necessary skills to read and interpret ancient Greek texts. With targeted exercises and practical examples, we help students to move confidently in the ancient Greek language and improve their performance.

Topic overview

  • Basics of grammar and syntax: Students will learn the basic rules of Greek grammar and syntax to form simple sentences and understand simple texts.
  • Everyday language and vocabulary: The focus is on learning everyday words and expressions to enable students to communicate in Greek in an easy way.

Ancient Greek Tutoring in High School

In the upper school, we dive deeper into the world of ancient Greek literature, philosophy and history. Our teachers offer challenging texts and discussions to challenge students and encourage their critical thinking. We also specifically prepare students for exams such as the A-levels, so that they can go into the exam with confidence and competence.

Topic overview

  • Deepening of grammar and text analysis: Students deepen their understanding of Greek grammar and syntax and learn to analyze and interpret complex texts.
  • Classical Literature and Philosophy: Students will be introduced to the works of great Greek poets, philosophers, and historians to develop an understanding of the cultural and intellectual achievements of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek tutoring during your studies

During our studies, we offer in-depth insights into the ancient Greek language and culture. Our courses include the reading and analysis of original texts, as well as discussions on complex topics such as rhetoric, mythology, and ethics. We help students develop academically and deepen their passion for Ancient Greek, whether as part of their studies or as a personal interest in the ancient world.

Topic overview

  • Advanced grammar and text complexity: Classes focus on advanced topics of Greek grammar and syntax, as well as the reading of challenging original texts.
  • Specialized Topics and Research: Students have the opportunity to focus on specialized topics such as Greek philosophy, tragedy or historiography and to carry out their own research projects.

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