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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of expertise with our tailor-made online tutoring. Our dedicated team of experienced and dedicated tutors are ready to help you navigate the complex issues of this subject. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about nature, technology or social contexts. We offer individual support to deepen your knowledge and consolidate your understanding.

Our tutoring for all educational levels at a glance

Tutoring in primary school

In primary school, the doors open to a universe of new discoveries. Our expertise tutoring supports children in consolidating the basics in the areas of nature, technology and society. With interactive learning methods and tailor-made curricula, we make learning an exciting adventure that arouses children’s curiosity and boosts their self-confidence.

Topic overview

  • Exploring nature: basic concepts of biology such as plant and animal species, habitats and ecological relationships.
  • Understanding our environment: Introduction to ecological topics such as waste separation, water cycle and renewable energies.
  • Hands-on technology: Introduction to simple technical concepts such as mechanics, energy and simple machines.

Expert Tutoring in Middle School

In secondary schools, the challenges increase, but so do the opportunities to understand the world around us. Our expertise tutoring prepares students to understand and critically question complex relationships in nature, technology and society. With a dedicated team of tutors and modern teaching methods, we provide individualized support that allows students to reach their full potential and feel confident in their knowledge.

Topic overview

  • Social structures: Students will be able to discuss political systems, social norms, and cultural diversity.
  • The world of technology: In-depth understanding of technology, including computer engineering, internet usage, and data security.
  • Exploring natural phenomena: In-depth study of phenomena such as weather, climate change and natural resources.

Expertise tutoring in the upper school

Vocational schools lay the foundation for a successful career, and expertise is crucial in this. Our tutoring is especially aimed at vocational students who want to deepen their knowledge in the fields of technology, law and the world of work. Our experienced tutors support students in understanding practical topics and preparing them for their future careers. With practical examples and a focus on individual needs, we help students to navigate the world of expertise confidently and achieve their professional goals.

Topic overview

  • Global Challenges: Discussion of complex topics such as sustainability, global warming and environmental protection.
  • Economy and the world of work: Insight into economic concepts such as trade, the labour market and entrepreneurship.
  • Civic education: In-depth understanding of political systems, international relations, and social justice.

Specialist tutoring during your studies

The programme offers the ideal opportunity to deal intensively with the complex topics of expertise and to develop a profound understanding of the interrelationships of our world. Our tutors accompany students on this exciting journey and help them discover and develop their passion for the subject. Through inspiring teaching methods, interactive discussions, and hands-on projects, we open up new perspectives for students and support them in achieving their academic goals. Immerse yourself with us in the fascinating world of expertise and let yourself be inspired by its diversity and beauty!

Topic overview

  • Advanced Topics in Science: In-depth study of topics such as biology, earth sciences, and environmental studies.
  • Technological innovations: Discussion about current developments in technology, digital transformation and future technologies.
  • Environmental: Study of concepts and strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection.

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